Myriad3 – Tell((Chip))

Tell Chip Front Cover_RGB

Chris Donnelly’s chiptune rearrangement of Myriad3’s 2012 debut album.

1. Myriad ((chip)) (Fortin)
2. Fractured ((chip)) (Cervini)
3. For The Dreamers ((chip)) (Donnelly)
4. C Jam Blues ((chip)) (Ellington)
5. Disturbing Inspiration Pt. 1 ((chip)) (Cervini)
6. Disturbing Inspiration Pt. 2 ((chip)) (Cervini)
7. Tell ((chip)) (Fortin)
8. Drifters ((chip)) (Donnelly)
9. But Still And Yet ((chip)) (Fortin)
10. Mr. Awkward ((chip)) (Donnelly)
11. Lament ((chip)) (Donnelly)

2015 Alma Records
Produced by Peter Cardinali