VERA // Press Coverage

Thanks to everyone who’s checked out our new record! It’s been out for a few months, now and we’re thrilled with how it’s been received by listeners and press alike. From a few recent reviews:

“On some tracks, Donnelly stands out as a distinctive soloist in a post-Mehldau vein. On his composition Pluie Lyonnaise, the disc’s slow, melodically spare, moody opener, Donnelly makes clear his bonafides regarding linear playing. But that track is also informed by Myriad3’s willingness to go beyond live-off-the-floor jazz, given discreet horn, keyboard and piano overdubs that tell the listener that the trio is not about the same old, same old.”

-Peter Hum, Ottawa Citizen

“The thing about this new recording by Canadian trio Myriad3 is how much intensely expressive music comes from elements often minimal and static. The musicians cohere emotionally and artistically around these elements and develop sounds that are rich, open and beautifully hypnotic. As on the group’s three prior recordings, the music is strikingly realized by the production of Peter Cardinali and engineering of John “Beetle” Bailey, both of whom create an environment in which the creativity of this group blossoms.”

-Donald Elfman, The New York City Jazz Record

“Vera, the fourth album from the Toronto-based trio collective Myriad3, is a fascinating example of how fastidious design principles and shrewdly executed extemporization can truly complement and even counterpoise one another. There’s serious attention to detail in each of these ten pieces, but the music benefits greatly from its embrace of uncertainties and creative expression(s).” ★★★★

-Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz